About Panther Real Estate Services, LLC

In these times of economic turmoil, it is important to choose a Real Estate Company who has the knowledge and know how to handle all aspect of your real estate needs. Whether it is to sell your property or to purchase a property for yourself or your portfolio. We may even be able to help you retain your property if you are in financial hardship. We at Panther Real Estate Services, LLC have that experience.

Below is a list of our vast experiences in real estate.

I. Residential Real Estate for personal use
II. Residential Real Estate for investment
III. Estate Sales
V. Short Sales
VI. Receivership
VII. Commercial Real Estate for company use
VIII. Commercial Real Estate for investment
IX. Business (with or without real estate)
X. Property Management

We can help you determine where you fit in this list or how we can help you even if you do not.

Call us for a personal consultation or valuation for your real estate need. We offer a free Comparative Market Analysis and a free Short Sale Analysis.


Robert A Singer, Broker of Record
Panther Real Estate Services, LLC